Blocking out the disappointment

It’s been a bit over two weeks, or maybe almost three since I restarted and refocused on monitoring what I was eating. It can be hard work counting calories, especially if you have a penchant for delieveroo.  I’ve definitely shifted the needle on my scale, or pixels seeing as we are living in the future, but I haven’t managed to lose as much as I’d like – a never ending cycle for me. 

Down just over 4 lb during the past few weeks,
but it really was just the result of one good week. 

While I’m not losing as much weight as I’d like, as quickly as I’d like, my base training has been strangely enjoyable. Last week I covered a total of 48 miles; officially my second highest mileage since records began. Surprisingly my pace has also started to come down, whether that can be attributed to increase base fitness, a loss of weight or both doesn’t matter because I feel like the past 7 weeks of work are starting to pay off.

Base training wraps up in 7 days with a 52 mile week on the cards [6,6,9,6,6,13]. 52 miles will be my highest weekly mileage, ever, so obviously I’m super excited about that. The current record of 50.1 miles was set at the beginning of my Berlin training block at the end of July. 

All of this base training means that I will also be hitting my highest mileage month this month as well. The previous record of 155.4 miles set in January this year will fall after tonight’s 6 mile run on my way to a total 187 miles this month. Someday I’ll break 200 miles. 

With only 4 weeks till Christmas, and 10 weeks until my first race of 2019 I need to remind myself that miles and workouts are only half of the picture. Diet is the other half, and it’s a half that I’m only succeeding at half the time. 

As calorie restriction isn’t delivering the best results so far, I keep thinking about toying with the idea of cutting out all refined carbs. It worked for floris as he documented on his blog. But that’s a big life altering commitment, especially in the lead up to Christmas. Maybe big life altering is what I need? 

For now I’m going to continue to work at eating less calories than my body needs, and maintaining a caloric deficit. Hopefully I can shift a bit more before the New Year.