Consistency is difficult

It’s been a pretty bad pair of weeks since my last post – but that’s to be expected with me if you read my first post. I have an uncanny ability to find and then somehow absorb food that is within 30 feet of my body.  I continually play the same game with myself, always endeavouring to start over tomorrow. Unfortunately that means I spend most days just thinking that I’ll try again tomorrow and write the day off. 

Waking up each day with carte blanche in and of itself is freeing, and helps to rid me of any lingering guilt from whatever abhorrent amount of calories I somehow managed to shovel down my gullet. 

However starting each day fresh can lead to an inability to hold myself accountable for my actions. Rather than thinking of each day as an individual war I’m hoping to coach myself into thinking that each passing of the sun is just a tiny skirmish in my struggle against the bulk of excess lipids in my body.  I’ve been consistently losing battles these past two weeks and need to rally to fight through the end of this month.

2 weeks of weight loss, 2 weeks of stagnation

I’ve also taken to a religious diligence to my favourite method of ‘dieting’ – Calories In, Calories Out (CICO) – and have been recording my calories diligently with myfitnesspal since Wednesday, October 10th.  I’ve lost 5.6 lb in the 4 weeks from then, an average of 1.4 lb a week, which is not enough to reach my target of 221 lb by the end of November. To hit my short term goal I need to shed 13.1 lb over the next 3 weeks, a massive 4 lb a week, that isn’t easily doable. But I will soldier on. 

Short term goals update

Despite my setbacks on the fat front, my running is ticking over and it looks like I’ll complete every scheduled run as I’ve set out to do. Having just finished Week 4, I’m happy to be just over halfway through this base period. I continue to try and wake up to run before work, but it never happens. When marathon season comes around I’m going to struggle to fit in double-digit runs during the week if I can’t manage to run in the morning. 

8 weeks of Base Training, increasing by 4 miles a week

When my base training is finished I’ve scheduled in a week of recovery before I jump into Hal Higdon’s 10k Advanced Plan, which is what I’ll be following through to the Maddog. The year seems to move along quite quickly when you chop it up into training blocks. 

Marathon ‘A’ Race

I’ve also just signed up for my first marathon of 2019. I’m returning to the venue of my marathon debut and I’ll be pounding the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio for the 21st Flying Pig Marathon on 5th May 2019.  Life is just a series of training blocks isn’t it?