Goal(s) Weight

I have a few goals I’d like to accomplish over the next one-hundred days; it’s always commendable to have goals. There are a myriad of ways to go about setting goals, from the business popular SMART goal and now the hip & trendy – forward thinking CLEAR goal, but the important thing is to set them.

Because, what are you working towards with your life if you haven’t specified something to achieve?

My Goals:

  • Smash my 10k PB at the Maddog 10k in February
  • Reach my goal weight (180 lb)

I haven’t attached a date to the latter, because I’m not sure what is reasonable, or attainable so instead I’ll break it up into smaller easier to digest increments. My primary motivation in weight loss, besides the obvious feel/look better, is to become a better runner. So I’ve set some short term goals below that I think are doable. 

For the former I think it’s important to have some context. When I set my current 10k PB of 49:25 it was at the Maddog 10k in February 2012, and I weighed somewhere between 217-220 lb. When you consider that every extra pound of weight slows you down, dragging my current 235 lb frame each of the 6.2miles is a significant disadvantage. I’m confident that if I can hit the same, or lower weight by 3rd February 2019 that I’ll be able to run faster and beat my PR. 

Short term weight goals:

  • Reach 221 lb (100kgs) by the end of November (also the end of base training)
  • Get below 200 lb before the Maddog 10k 

Short term running goals:

  • Complete 8 weeks of base training (ends the last week of November)
  • That’s it, just finish the 8 weeks completing every run